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I am a new business owner. Can you make my project ADA compliant? 
If you are a business owner, or have recently moved into a new office space, you will need to find out if your building complies with the American Disabilities Act. This act regulates access to stores and workplaces, including stairways, ramps, and parking lots. Our Walnut Creek concrete professionals are experts on ADA compliance, and can help you ensure that your home or business is open to all.     

Does every job require permits? If so, do you pull the permits?
Not every job requires a permit. If your project does require a permit, we know which agent to contact and will secure the permit for your project. 

How far in advance should we schedule our Bay Area concrete project?
For existing residences and businesses we recommend two to three weeks. For any new construction, we would recommend a month or two in advance.

Do we need a plan?
No, but it does simplify the process. For smaller projects on existing residences we like to work from them but if your project is fairly straightforward then we can work without one or will provide one for you. For any new construction, our Oakland concrete experts would require a full set of working drawings.

What precautions do you take to prevent cracking?
No one can guarantee that your concrete will never crack. All concrete cracks at some time or another. With that being said, we use the correct amount of reinforcing rod or rebar and compacted base rock in every project we perform. Doing this ensures that each of our Clients get the best possible chance of not having their concrete crack.

Do I need to clean my concrete? If so, how often and what is the best way to clean my concrete?
No, you do not have to but it does make it look nicer. We would recommend pressure washing your concrete at least every three to five years. When we clean concrete we use acid and stain removers to make the concrete look virtually brand new. If your concrete has stains please call us and we can help you with this.

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